About the Corps
The Tittabawassee Valley Fife & Drum Corps was organized in 1988 with the primary purpose of “honoring our American heritage through reenactment of the military music and pageantry of the American Revolution.” The Corps members are American Revolution historic re-enactors who wear distinctive regimental coats and round hats to portray the Continental Marines – the first American colonial marine unit.

In addition to the fifers and drummers, the Corps has a color guard unit that bears the muskets, swords, and many of the flags of the American Revolution. Numerous campfollowers, scouts, and banner bearers wearing period dress accompany the fifers, drummers and color guard.

Educational Goals
Another goal of the Corps is “to educate the public, in an entertaining way, about the history of this great nation.” To accomplish this goal, the Corps provides a brief educational narrative during concerts. The Corps also is often called upon to present educational programs about the flags, musical instruments, clothing, weaponry and lifestyles of the Colonial musicians, soldiers and campfollowers.

Historical Accuracy
Every item used by the Corps is as historically accurate as possible. Uniforms, regimental coats, wooden fifes and drums, and muskets are handcrafted to the specifications of the Revolutionary War period. Much of the music presented by the Corps is the traditional music that was played on and off the battlefield during the American Revolution, and members attempt to portray accurate 18th Century marching, drills, customs and styles.

A Mid-Michigan Tradition
The Corps is headquartered in Midland, Michigan, and draws its membership from five central Michigan counties. Although many of the performing members are youth, the Corps is truly intergenerational, often with entire families participating. All Tittabawassee Valley Fife and Drum Corps members are dedicated to continuing the ancient tradition of fifing and drumming.

Performance Highlights
The Corps has performed throughout the state of Michigan and also in Canada, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Virginia. Their performances have brought the field music of the American Revolution to Colonial Williamsburg, Philadelphia, Boston, various old forts around the Great Lakes, and numerous other historical sites.

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